Tuesday, 26 October 2004

A great day.

I'm still on the second glove, MUST ..... KNIT..... WATER..... WRAP.....isn't it funny how when you have to do something for a deadline, it becomes slightly stressful even though you love doing it?

More excitingly I believe I have found a much cheaper substitute for kidsilk haze from Texere yarns, it hasn't got silk in it, but it is pure kid mohair and is very very fine and undyed, but that more fun for me!

I think that perhaps the silk in Kidsilk haze gives it extra strength, however I am going to experiment and am not going to use it for everyday wear.

I want to make KARIS, one for me and one for a special friend, who I can't mention because she ocasionally reads this blog. So it's on order! Oooh I can't wait.

If dyeing it comes out nice, perhaps I'll do a competition to win some.

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