Monday, 20 September 2004

Mondays pictures.

I had a lovely weekend, doing lots of things with the kids, and also managed so squeeze alot of knitting in between activities. Although I was banned by the knids from taking my sock knitting into the bowling alley! I guess its ok to be an wicked stepmother but not an embarassing one!

Anyway, so here is a picture of my finished wedding socks in action, although please note the ends still needed to be woven in in this picture!


Its a bit blurry because I have a habit of waggling my feet around in excitement.

Once I had finished these I decided to have a go at making a felted bag from my columbian wool, however I need the hugest crochet hook on the planet so I left that one and decided what I should really do is have a go at making my own pattern for a stripey tank from my Noro silk garden. I did have to rip it a few times, but we are well on target now. Here's the picture:


I'm very very pleased with this, if it works well who knows where the pattern may be?

Finally I try hard not to let my kitties near my wool because even though they are really well behaved, I don't really want cat hair in it. However, I think when we were on honeymoon the kitties made the most of us not being there, and were allowed to get into rather naughty habbits, so imagine my amazement when I wandered into my art room and found monkey sunning himself on my stash:


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