Tuesday, 14 September 2004

Ranting about knitting does pay off!

Well! So my friend calls me up and says to me 'would you like to meet for lunch so I can say good bye?, because I am going away for a year to Spain!', I said 'of course!' So we meet up she says to me, oh I brought you a little something from Columbia! So I hold my breathe because what I want more than anything in the world is hand spun wool from the hills, and guess what it was? Here is the picture:


I tried to contain myself: it smells deliciously of sheep and is beautifully unevenly spun, and I just couldn't calm my self down, It was the most beatuiful stuff I have ever seen. Something as unique and special as that would beat a pack of Rowan any time, and thats saying something.

Suffice to say, I shall stop worrying about ranting to all my friends about wool because it looks like they do take notice of me!

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