Friday, 20 October 2006

Hey, why the hell not? and streams of random rubbish.

I used to censor my blog like mad, and make it very boring. 90% of the time my tongue is always strongly in my cheek, I just got bored of leaving my life out, I live quite a colouful one and thats just me. So seeing as I've completely changed everything in my life in the past 6 months thats starting to be reflected in my blog, however my dreadful spelling and grammar will remain, I'm learning slowly........

I like a challenge. No really, I don't see the point in living if its not exciting. Hmm, that does kind of get me into trouble sometimes, but you know what? I'm up for anything that will stretch me. So whats the next big challenge apart from building my business, learning french for Paris, doing a million designs and trying to keep my job going, and pay my huge mortgage which I don't earn enough for?

***** wants me to make her wedding dress. I'm an adequate knitter. Not a sewer. Have you ever seen any sewing on my blog? No, thats because I'm crap at sewing, I just don't get it.

So why the hell did I say yes? Its not a dress for a party, its the most important dress of her life. Not only that, she doesn't want something conventional, she wants something amazing. Did I mention I can't sew? What the hell is wrong with me?

I have been closely watching the catwalk collections recently and its making me itch to design some clothes, but for me, then it doesn't matter if it goes completely wrong.

AHHHHHHHHH! I do my head in, especially seeing as I feel tired today, thats unsusual for me, I'm normally v hyper, so I am so looking forward to Sunday, and finally having a day off, the first one for ages. I've been promised a lush lie in, roast dinner, baked apples, a hearty walk, massive amounts of fruit cake and tea and dvds. OH please, I can't wait, but I so know I will have some needles in my hand at some point, I just can't help it!

My sweetiepie has also built me a stand for my sock wool, to display it properly, I'll take some photo's of it tomorrow.

I just realised I never take photo's of the things I'm knitting, I think cause I think of it a bit like work, so I never think to post them. I'll add some photo's of things I made for kits for the stand later.

Oh and I'm really giving up alcohol totally. TOTALLY. I don't think that will go down very well at home but I swear I'm starting to look like a grape. Anyway it impinges on my knitting time, I know people don't like me knitting at the dinner table, which is probably why my glass is always being topped up, but love talking and knitting, its hard to pick up your food with knitting needles though. :-) Stopping now. I'm just being silly....

Ohh! finally if you haven't got a copy of Yarn forward yet, buy one, not only is it packed with really good stuff, I'm very very impressed, I have an interview in it at the back, with a photo of me looking mischevious, you'll probably never see a normal photo of me again, I can't resist it. Sweetiepie challenged me to do the next one with me looking over my purple glasses. Your on baby!!!

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