Monday, 30 October 2006

yay its monday.

So thanks for the suggestions for Sp's b'day present. I started the cabled mittens that Hannah suggested in knitty, mainly because they would suit SP perfectly and I had the yarn. Always good! Not too sure Debbie bliss cashmerino aran is particularly good to use for a pair of gloves for a builder though, he'll have to wear them for best instead! We had such a lovely day, we went to a rock and Gem show near Maesteg, to say hello to  some friends we made at Ally pally (Ichydo), its was in Margham Park, such a beautiful setting (I'm going to do a photo shoot for my new yarns there). I bought some lava beads to for another present and made him a necklace which looks lush, I think Sole took a pic! Then we carried on up to Hay on Wye for lunch with his family. It was such a lovely lovely day, we all get on really well, and they are just so easy to get along with. Food was wonderful! His mum is a fabulous cook, and Sp made us tapas! He has a wonderful habit or learning new dishes and then cooking them better than me, which I'm well happy about, and so he made a tapas we have regularly in our house, you absolutely have to try it, its so simple and tasty! Toast some bread, it's nice on rye bread, or something wholemeal, drizzle some olive oil on it and then using a clove of garlic cut in half, rub it over the bread really well and then top with slices tomatoes and sprinkle with  little salt, I'm telling you its the best in the world. I think its quite a common Spanish breakfast. Its extremely good for you, but it tastes so indulgent!

After a huge dinner, I drove his new van, (gulp!) back to Cardiff and we were greeted with more wonderful food and presents!! The girls call him Duncan donuts because Duncan sounds like Dunking to Spanish people apparently, so they made a beautiful donut cake, and crocketa's which are wonderful deep fried dumplings. We just chatted late into the night and laughed our socks off telling stories. It was lovely, I'm going to miss them so much, anyway such a treat of a day, I enjoyed it as much as he did I think, and it really distracted me from not feeling so good at the moment. I'm so glad he is around, I'll tell you the story of how we met soon, its really quite amazing, I think sometimes things are just sort of meant to be. :-)

OK, onto knitting or yarn anyway, I want some feedback on my web shop. Seeing as the business is growing, I really need to get the shop to a point where it is much more functional. Its not my main source of business, mostly that is wholesale, but I need to start brushing it all up. SO people, I want some feedback on how I could improve the shop, and I want to know what the disadvantages are of it. It's OK to be brutal, I don't mind if it makes my shop better in the long run, I am aware that the pics are crap! but I'm working on that. I'll randomly pick 3 peoples comments and send them a skein of sock yarn, I don't mind where in the world.

Adios Amigo's.

J xx

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