Wednesday, 4 October 2006

Princi Meona

OK, so in my multicultural house we have ALOT of fun with language, ranging from my freind asking Bea (my other lodger who is aslo Spanish, here learning english) if she wanted to see his new volkswagan van, and her being completely shocked and horrified because she thought he meant something else! (I love that one) ranging to giving each other funny names.

I normally get called 'princi' - princess, I have no idea why, but its now turned into 'princi meona' and that is never ever going to go away. I was crowned this after a very embarrassing and funny experience. Which because I am shameless I am happy to give an account of, however before I do, if anyone can work out the translation (its spanish) and give me what they think is roughly the story, you win some yarn. I think you might need to have a good command of spanish, or know someone that is, because I couldn't find the translation that Sole gave me, but I didn't look very hard.

hehe. Crappying myself about allypally now, I'm on stand F15, anyone coming to say hello? Leave a comment.

j xxx

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