Tuesday, 31 October 2006

Right people keep em coming.

Okey dokey.

4 people so far have commented on the shop. They all win some sock yarn. But I want you to keep the comments coming. So I'll select 2 more people  to win sock yarn from comments you leave on this post, about how I could improve my shop to make it more user freindly. I hate the layout, but its an oscommerce store and allows me to keep good stock control and stuff, I'm some what restircted with programming it mainly because I can't do PHP and it costs a fortune, but the comments below are really really helpful and I should be able to work on things based on those and make a huge difference. Please keep em coming, I really appreciate your effort. Also interesting comment from one person about the colour range, anyone else got comments on the colours etc? More colours you would like to see?

Ok so occasionally I google Fyberspates to see what comes up. I love to see all the things that people make with my yarn. I'd love to do a knitters gallery with all the things people make from my yarns. So if you have a pic of something you've made, please send me a pic and I'll create a gallery. Emial me at fyberspatesATbtinternetDOTcom

I also decided we'll have a monthly competition with yarn obviously as the prize, just need to decide what on earth, to get you all thinking. ;-)

Its my turn to cook a British culinary delight tonight. So on the sugestion of mum, we are having 'Toad in the Hole' which is basically yummy sausages with yorkshire pudding batter covering them, no idea where the toad bit somes from, unless people used to eat it with toads in. Hmm. Better leave that train of thought before I gross you all out. Having it with Garlic mash and peas and gravy. yum yum yum.

J xx

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