Thursday, 19 October 2006

Hola. Shamai. Bonjour. Alright!

Hmm, some people have kindly pointed out that my blog is meant to be Bilingual. So seeing as I need to learn some French because I am planning to do a wool show in Paris in March, and should be able to speak Welsh because I did an intensive Welsh course for six months, and live with two Spanish women, I think I should make it multi lingual instead.

So in order to improve my languages I shall add a sentance in each language, obvioulsy meaning the same thing at the end of every post. Good practice really. Feel free to correct me if you would like to, its much appreciated!!

I have a new type of sock yarn which is made from bluefaced leicester, its 100% wool, and very velvety to knit, although the colours are not so intense as my other sock yarns so if you like something a little gentler....they'll be on the site on monday, with all the other millions of Kilo's hanging around my house.

Sat I have a stand at Unravel, it sounds really interesting, lots of lectures and things. Anyone planning a trip there?

AdiĆ³s, au revoir, hwyl!

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