Tuesday, 17 October 2006

Yay, I'm back.

Blimey, what a fab few days, and you know what? I didn't buy any wool at all, absolutely none!!! I did however happen to purchase rather alot of needles!

Here is a pic of the stand (i'm very proud of it):


I learnt so much from the experience, it was priceless. I will update the shop next week, because I have another show on sat.  I knitted a million things whilst I was there, socks, scarf and a fab tank top, I'll take a pic tonight and post it tomorrow, I'm not sure whether to save it for my pattern book, or to submit it to a magazine.....any ideas?

I met so many fab people who were knitting my yarns, read the blog and listened to the podcast!! How cool is that hey? Oh yes and Flossie came to say hello, on her crutches!!

It was lovely to meet one of my favourite customers Hannah and her daughter, who brought me a little bottle of white wine, which I think was a reference to 'princi meona'!!! hehe.

Sat night was fun, I went to dinner with the rabble from Getknitted and Lucy Neatby, who is English by the way!!! We had lots of wine, great food and laughter, Lucy is a great character, and such a good teacher, I had a quick tuition on knitting backwards, which I'm practicing. I'll be stocking some of her patterns as kits V soon. Really, really want the DVD.

Oh I'm sure I'll think of lots more things to write and add them on as the day passes.

Check this out. Its awesome!

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