Wednesday, 5 September 2007

A million things to talk about today.

Firstly, I have an exhibition at The Voirrey Embroidery centre in Brimstage! They have exhibition space upstairs, we are doing an exhibition about wool called 'From from sheep to needle and beyond', basically to outline the process from greecy fleece to yarn and garments. A huge thanks to Voirrey and her husband for allowing us this special opportunity.

There are all sorts of things there, and its a gorgeous shop! There is also a lovely tea rooms/ restaurant there too, and some other little shops, its well worth a visit!!  So come on get your self down there!!! Its very quaint.

Here is a little pic, its a nice large space so I had to think of lots of funny things to fill it, I found all sorts of things I have made, all my Frankenstein jumpers and monster socks lol!!!




I forgot to tell you I have purchased something very very exciting!!!!!! Its being fixed and I need to have lessons before I can use it, but its extremely exciting, I'm not posting about it until I have it in my hands, but all you sock lovers out there, I'm telling you, its very exciting.

Finished the shrug, we are going to call it the snug, cause thats what mum always calls it. I just need to type it up, which will take about 5 minutes lol. I'll make some kits for it as well. heres a pic: sorry its always me modeling them, I need to get some of my mates over to do some photo's, lol. eek I need a haircut!!!



Right last thing, I just subscribed to the Ethical consumer after a break of about 3 years, I love it, I read it from cover to cover yesterday when I was on the train, its so informative, interestingly marks and sparks came out better in one of the articles than I would have expected, seems like they are making and ethical effort, which makes me pleased, but anyway, I would like to write a post tomorrow about it, especially the article about things like soaps and cleaning things, any one interested in reading about these things? Or would you rather not know? leave me a comment. Right I am going to go and design a cardigan in scrumptious next, its been bubbling for a while.

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