Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Hola princesa y principe!!!! (that took ages, phew!)

OK, so I  am having way to much fun, but more on that later.

I span up a load of blf/silk up quite roughly, with the idea of making my self striping cardigan, remember me telling you?

here is the progress so far:

12_sep_07  The singles are really lively, but it looks fabulous, and has such a gorgeous shine that contrasts with the rough spinning, and looks fabulous. I have some stripy blue as you can see above and then some green, I might add some turquoise I did inbetween, its growing so quick because we have so much chatting time, lol.

So about 5 years ago, I used to work in the museum shop in Cardiff, I loved it, mainly because I used to get to read books about artists. There was one which stuck in my mind, I wish I could remember their names now, but basically it was about a couple of artists ( I think it was two blokes, but I can't remember) that shared a big old house in the welsh country side, their house was messy and they always had friends to stay, with lots of parties and dinners, the friends would come and go, and I remember thinking I wish my life was like that, instead of the boring routine I was subjected to, if you know me, you will know, I don't do routine, lol. Anyway, Carmenthita today declared my house as a paradise, full of wool, knitting and craft books, and endless inspiration, Sophie also loves my huge book shelf of cooking books, and we are having the most wonderful dinners, every night we take it in turns to cook, we start cooking about 9pm, the wine comes out, the music on, and endless chatter about languages, cooking, knitting and the world, we never go to bed before 12.30, there is too much to say!!!!!  This for me is heaven, the house is so full of life, and its messy; as soon as one huge order goes out, another one is being prepared, so its just a little eclectic and happy, everyone is knitting, they are learning about everything wooly, I am living my dream, I am so looking forward to sole coming too.

The only thing I am missing is the fact that my house is in the middle of Cardiff and not in the country, but with my garden,....... well, you'd never know!!

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