Monday, 10 September 2007

Fibre, fibre, fibre, fibre fibre!!!!

I love custom orders, they are so good for breaking habits and stretching yourself. I had a large and complicated custom order at the weekend, which took me about 5 hours to do, because it was fiddly and basically used every colour and combination I could do, but it was so much fun, and seeing as I had to mix allot of colours I decided to repeat the order for me, and also some for the shop. I dyed so  much bfl and silk, merino tencel,  and alpaca, and sock yarn and scrumptious, so once its dried it'll be up in the shop.

Some of the roving's are dyed in large sections so that they are perfect for a self striping yarn in pane-tones, and they are yummy. One of my dreams is to dye a load of fibre, spin a self striping yarn and then knit it into a design, so I did some fibres for me too at the same time, I will get working on it straight away this week, because I have some spinning time at the weekend when I go to Voirreys, so thats really exciting. I'll document the whole process because I have a feeling it will be gorgeous!! I'm really excited!

I'll start with photo's of the roving's tonight if I get the chance, Carmenthita arrives at 4.30 today and she doesn't actually have a bed yet, so not quite sure how I will solve that problem.

Test drove the van this morning, and had an interesting conversation for a good part exchanged deal for my little Clio, which went like this:

Van salesmen in a room of other salesmen "We'll just go and value your car Jeni"

Me: "OK"

Van man comes back " its worth £3100"

Me: laugh out loud "you must be effing joking, I want more than that for it"

Van man and other sales men: mouth open and some what amused. "well thats what it is worth"

Me: laughing once again "no it isn't the market value is £3500 and thats the bottom price" ( I researched it first, before I went )

Van man " um, there is a dent in the side"

Me: Laughed again! "Dent devils: 28.99 plus VAT mate"

Van man: laughing and shocked for some bizarre reason, Silence for about 20 seconds "OK we'll see what we can do"

Me "good" with a big grin obviously. 

They said I was cheeky, but they loved it. I guarantee I will get my van for the price I wanted. LOL

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