Sunday, 23 September 2007

Messy paradise, vicuna and shopping.

Thanks for the comments princi's!!!

AHH, its 12.38am and I'm still working, still, its helped with vino and nice food, lol.

OK so those of you who are spinners, may or may not subscribe to spin off magazine, it is my favourite magazine of all time, mainly because of its lack of prescriptivness, and fabulous articles, most of the designs are not to my taste, but they leave me feeling inspired and excited, anyway my point, sorry! So I read about all the fibres, and I remember one particular time when I read about Vicuna, I read it and I wanted some, and ever since I have been on the look out for some. Recently, I have learnt alot more about why it is so expensive (starts at about £100 for 100gms), mainly because it is an endangered species, meaning you need a government certificate to export it and import it, and it has a fibre micron of about 12.5, really good cashmere has a micron of about 14, so you can imagine how yummy it would be.

A certain person (thanks cherub, huge hugs) managed to get me a sample, a real sample, (and a legal one I might add) lol, probably because I have been pestering him for a very long time for it, its probably not enough to make anything with, well, perhaps it is, the fibres are so flippin short, I think I need a new spinning wheel to spin it on!!!! Anyway, its by the table by my bed, I just can't stop touching it, it'll be felted by the time I come to do anything with it! he he. Its been giving me lots of ideas for new products, more about which I will divulge in the week, once I have worked out prices, I also have lots of other cool stuff to tell you, but I need to spread it out, he he.

Anyway onto house life; I live with girls, I'm not that used to being around girls, I am usually surrounded by men, anyway, I'm loving it, guess what I did this afternoon? I went shopping, and did some serious shopping, it was wonderful, I needed it so much, I was feeling like I never stopped working, so I needed a little retail therapy. I don't think I have been shopping with girls for years, anyway I now have kirk Geiger boots, skinny jeans, and a cute knitted stretch dress, I just need to get my hair chopped off, and I'll be ready for ally pally.

OK nite nite people, signing off from my slightly messy, but happy warm house.


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