Thursday, 6 September 2007

Exciting things again, apparently I live a far too exciting life!

My nice little Renault clio has to go back to the dealer, um, like tomorrow, good job I remembered, and not wanting too many out-goings when I give up work I decided that I would give it back and not get another one. Although I was considering a small van because I need one, but new vans are very expensive, and I told the nice renault man I didn't want anything else, then he mentioned the lovely second hand renault vans, which you can trade your car in ears pricked up, but I quickly dismissed it because it would be expensive, 'um, not really', he said, so I went to see the vans, they were perfect for all the shows I have to go to, plus a million times more economical than my clio believe it or not, and the lovely white van on the forecourt was crying out to have a fyberspates sign on the side. then I realised I could get the VAT back on it, and that of course I could claim it against tax. My little heart was jumping with excitment. I haven't made my mind up totally yet, but lets say we are about 95% in favour, how exciting would that be? My own van with my logo on the side of it, I would be the proudest white van woman in the entire world!!!!

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