Friday, 7 September 2007

Skaramanda Brooches

On my quest for British made Ethical products (blimey listen to me!), I happened upon a gorgeous producer of brooches called Skaramanda, and I asked if I could have some shawl brooches made by her which reflected the colours of my yarns, mainly because I often don't use buttons on my garments but rather a brooch or shawl pin to complement the colours instead, and often I get as many comments on the broaches as as the finished garments lol!

So I got some for the shop, because they are quirky and very beautiful, and compliment the colours of the space dyed range very well. They are made handmade in Scotland, and are a perfect compliment to a hand made garment or as a gorgeous gift, they have a nice big pin on the back for the pinning of knitted fabrics. The circular ones are about 3 inches in diameter, and are better for a heavier garment, and the hearts and cats are perfect for a lighter shawl! Oh and they come with a cute little gift bag, yummmmmmmy!

Here are my absolute favourites;

Broach_3 This is so sparkly!!!

We_update_091  Stunning!!

We_update_097 So cheeky!!!!!! Reminds me of my little guapita!

Go and take a look at the rest, they are stunning!

Ps thanks hannah!

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