Sunday, 2 September 2007

Fibrefest 2007

I appologise in advance if my grammar is bad in this post, you can tell majorly that I'm dyslexic when I write when I am tired, lol.

I'm back from Fibrefest 2007, it was brilliant, alot smaller that wonderwool and woofest, but there were some super stalls there, very high quality stuff!

I stayed in a b & b, sorry people, but how the hell would I be able to do my hair if I was camping, its just ain't never gonna happen, don't get me wrong, I love it and have done it plenty of times, and at the same time I'm a princi at heart and I need a hot shower and my straightners. what was my point? I have some pics of the farm I was staying on, it was lovely there were lots of gorgeous calfs, one of which was sucking its tail, I did manage to get a pic of it, I never knew cows could be so cute!!!


Anyway, some of my favourtist customers, (and yes actually favourtist is a really word, honest!) came to see me, and I feel like I have a really special relationship with a couple of my custmers especially tracy (aka woolywarbler) and Sue. I was so excited to see Tracy again, and had such a lovely chat to Sue especially something she told me was very reassuring, and such a warm hug from her it was lovely, makes me so glad I have cyber freinds that I get to meet in person, its so lovely. It was also lovely to see Ruth and Luciana.

right I'm off to bed now, seeing as I have a million things to do and sort out tomorrow.

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