Thursday, 30 August 2007

I don't need a man because............

Its true, I don't need a man because.......... wait for it............Oh Yeah BABY, I have rented a rug doctor!!!!!!!!!! Its amazing, I can't stop cleaning all two of my carpets in my other wise wooden house, which means they are a little wet now, still, thats the small price you have pay for addiction.

The evidence of my drinking and debortury has vanished, no longer will people wince at the red wine stains on my cream carpet.

Who was the stupid person who invented 1. carpets, and 2. cream ones and 3. put them in my house??? Nothing remains cream around me for longer than about ten minutes, especially when I've had a glass of wine and I am animated!

Man, it was so therapeutic this morning watching my minging carpet come up nice and bright, I have to confess that hoovering is something I actually like doing, when I was a kid, (eek, hope mum doesn't ready this one,) and my mum asked me to do some hoovering, I would sprinkle flour on the dark green carpet and marvel at how our noisy bright yellow hoover used to suck it all up, anyway that should probably going in one of those lists of weird things about me.

So Dimitrious and Sophie have nearly moved in, and so much for my early night, their last trip was about 2.20am, and I forgot to give them a key, so I stayed up and worked my but off for well, allot of hours, sorted tonnes of things out and filed lots of stuff in my new filing cabinet.

I have to ask, and don't be mad at me if you hate this programme, but how blimin good is big brother this year? I love all the characters, whats wonderful about them is that they are not a complete mess, and big brother has implemented some amazing psychological tactics, I have to be honest, some which I am not sure are particularly ethical, but that they can get away with because the house mates are relatively sound. My psychological job is working on ways to reduce prejudice, but the foundations of that research is group processes and attitudes, which all come into play in BB, so I just find it so wonderfully exciting to watch. Come on, who do you think is gonna win huh? I reckon the twins will!!!!

  Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. lol.

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