Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Yarn, a shawl and a new scrumptious pattern!!!

Yep, believe it or not, there is actually yarn content in this post today. I have updated the shop you can see most of them in the new arrivals. These are two of my favourites from this batch.

We_update_040Silk in September

We_update_045 Bluefaced leicester in hannahs summer.

I was up till 1 this morning working, which actually is becoming the norm now, feeling mildly anxious because I have a tonne of stuff to do for fibrefest at the weekend, still, I am very excited, it is the first year of the show its set in beautiful grounds etc, so it should be a scream, not only that but I will take all my winter designs to finish off seeing as they need to be done for the autumn. I was so tired this morning I drank instant coffee because I couldn't be bothered to make the proper one, thats really bad for me seeing as I think that 'instant' and 'coffee' shouldn't be allowed in the same sentane, I need to go to bed early tonight or i'll start loosing the plot.

Also if you send me photos to go in the gallery, they need to be as an attatchment, sometime people send me flickr pics, but obviously I can't use those, I've updated the gallery with few more pics, I think my favourite one has to be this, I met this lovely lady at Allypally and in Paris, and she even bought me some french biscuits which was so sweet, anyway, she is a phenomenal knitter and I want to show you this:


Its knitted in a huge skein of white mohair laceweight. Stunning!!!!

And finaly, a new pattern made for scrumptious by Katherine from K1 yarns, I totally love this jumper, I am thinking about making it from some hand dyed scrumtious, perhaps in a sandy colour, seeing as it was inspired by the beach, anyone who would like something similar let me know. :-)


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