Thursday, 23 August 2007

Multicultural household.

That time of year is approaching. The one where I basically have a house full of my wonderful friends from all over the world. I have 2 main rules for people coming to live in my house, 1. they teach me to cook something traditional, be it Japanese, Spanish or from Yorkshire, and 2. They learn to knit, or at least have a go.

I hadn't realised but I have been living on my own rattling around in my little house for 9 months now, and I was a little worried that I had got used to living on my own and it might be a little bit odd for me when the hoards arrived. But I am well and truly excited, and when I say hoards I am not joking, heres the plan.

Marco my beloved Italian friend arrives from Milan tomorrow and is coming for the weekend, then Dimitrious and Sophie ( Greek and french respectively) arrive Wednesday for a month, Carmenthita (Spanish) arrives to live permanently on the 10th of Sept, Marchin ( polish) arrives at the beginning of Oct to work in the uni for 4 months and then sole (Spanish and marchins girlfriend) arrives on the 10th of October also for 4 months. So if you want to come and stay I am afraid it will have to be on the sofa! OK?!

My main reason for being excited is that we are all very good friends, and to be honest it will be 4 months of partying, generally always a couple of large dinners a week, and just all the wonderful cooking and laughter and fun that we have. We all take it in turns to cook gorgeous food, and its a wonderful way to ease me into the winter. In addition, sole knits, and carmenthita will too, and Sophie expressed that she wants to learn, of course the obvious advantage is that they have access to the fyberspates stock, I think I might get away with never cooking again with a little trading. LOL!!!

I will blog alot about it and take a tonne of pics, cause I want to document it for myself really, mainly because last Oct - Dec was such a special time in my life, I will never ever forget it, and I know the next 4 months will provide me with very very special memories that I will cherish forever. :-) OH, and I'll publish the recipes if anyone is interested?

PS shop is due a rather much needed update later, its been a little neglected, but I have some dyed fibres and yarns etc.

Happy knitting folks. :-)

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