Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Randomness as usual.

Some of you may occasionally get the impression from my blog writing, that I am a bit of a princess. Hence why Sole calls me princi, *sigh* I suppose I am when it suits me. Andy, if you dare leave a comment to that effect you'll be in serious trouble. I never used to be, I think its the hair that did it, you can get away with murder when you have blonde hair and flutter your eyelashes a little. Mwhahahahahahahaha. I can't actually remember what my point was now.

So day 6 of no laptop, I decided to stop screaming last night and look to the world beyond my laptop, yes, apparently there is one, a very interesting world, which perhaps I should spend more time in because I get a wholelot more work done in it. So much so, that once it comes back it will only be switched on between 10 and 5, and a couple of hours on the weekend. I packed a tonne of orders, did some knitting, and nearly finished a new design for some kits, and had a lovely relaxing evening. A side effect I never thought would happen, and I consider this a negative side effect, was one of excessive cleaning, normally I get up from my laptop, look at the washing up, think hmm, I should do that, then think oh I just need to check my emials..... and forget the washing up. However last night I did all the washing up, looked in my cupboards and felt embarassed because not only were they a mess but the shelves need cleaning and I needed to sort out all the teas, I also discovered that I have a ghastly habit of saving ramekins from little deserts, I now have a collection of about 20, wasting space, but I can't actually bear to part with them; Just incase I have a soufle party.....it could happen!!!!!! I even cleaned and polished the rings on my cooker, the urge just took me, what can I say, apart from the fact that I am mildy disturbed.

I had better mention something wooly hadn't I! Anyone coming along to fibrefest in devon? I'll do a proper post about that soon.

Right I need to go and find a spoon for my raspberry jelly, seeeing as I nearly choked because I was sucking it out of the plastic tub.


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