Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Cygnet yarns

Right, all the sock wieght cygnet has gone, but I do have some DK left in white, if anyone is interested, its 100% superwash merino, white in balls, it takes the dye like a dream, same price as last time, its £10 a pack plus £2 postage.

I also have rather alot of coloured cygnet sock yarn as well, its 25% nylon, 75% merino (superwash) I think I was going to make kits from it, but its not really in the scope of what I do any more, its £1.50 for 50gms, or £10 for a pack of 10 50gm balls, i have it in lots of colours, pine greens, pinks, mauves and reds, and blue and black I'll check tonight, sorry, still havent got laptop so no pics. its perfect for fairailse work especially if you combine it with a hand dyed yarn.

Thats all, trying desperately to clear space for house organisation, becuase from the 1st of sep I have 3 lodgers arriving, and there are various people coming inbetween as well, so it will be madness, so in order that I am organised and stay on top of everything I need to shift some old stock.

Oh and have been analysing results from knitting experiment today, seeing as its pretty much finished, but have a little problem because knitters are a little bit more motivated to try harder than the control group which was mainly students, and it shows, so its mildly annoying. Still, we'll see what happens.

This weather is so odd, I came to work in the pouring rain in jeans and sandles because I don't have any shoes, how weird is that? I actually don't have any shoes, I haven't bought any for about 3 years and my red kickers have big holes in the bottom. Perhaps its time for some new green kickers, as they are my favourite, OOOOOHHHHH, maybe I can find something kind of cute and ethical!!!!!! does anyone have any good ideas for ethical shoes? if you do leave a comment, I would love to know, seeing as I am trying my hardest to wean my way off of evil multi national corporations. xx

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