Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A little bit wiser with my tongue in my cheek.

I learnt three valuable lessons this bank holiday and they are as follows:

1. Golf is fricken hard, it looks very very easy, but infact getting the stick to actually come into contact with the ball takes alot of skill, which apparently I don't have.

2. It is not appropriate to wear a very short dress to a driving range for the following reasons:

     a) it makes picking up golf balls impossible without putting off the all male golfers

     b) no one takes you seriously,

     c) people pay way to much attention to your golfing strategy.

3. Apparently when you get to 30 (and this is according to my mother) I am;

    a) soon to be over the hill if I don't hurry up.

    b) its not appropriate to wear thin linen trousers with thongs on, its just not done when you get to nearly 30, well mum, I would like to remind you that I am 29 for about another 6 months, so I shall make sure I wear thongs and linen trousers all bloody winter before I am to old.

love you mum, you are such a scream.

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