Tuesday, 1 April 2008


Ok, Carmella and I labelled approximately 35 kilo's of yarn, from about 4pm till 1 in the morning, I can honestly say I never thought I would do it, now I just have to get the boxes in the post and pack up my shop orders from the weekend and yesterday, have a meeting with the lovely business wales Guy, go and pick up my glasses, oh dye a kilo of something I forgot to dye, which can dry and go tomorrow. I need to do these all today because tomorrow I am going to think, um, I am going to Peru, not just paris or Milan, but BLOODY PERU, the day after and I am in complete denial, really, complete denial.

I am sitting this morning with coffee and croisants for half an hour because yesterday was so frantic I onyl ate bread and butter, really thats not like me at all, obviously it was evil taste the difference malty crusty loaf, slavered with yummy butter but you know, it was still basic, lol!

So maybe you can tell I am slightly neurotic today, completely neurotic, and I havent forgotten about the articles I was going to post about in the wool record, I will still do that, just later on.

I am knitting, in every spare second with each cup of tea, I have designed a couple of jumpers to go into the first Fyberspates publication/pattern booklet (in conjunction with K1's Katherine, who is a super designer), which will be exclusively for the scrumptious range, so I am extremely excited, I think I might have forgotten to tell you about that, lol,  but anyway have to get the garments knitted whilst I am away ready for autumn season, its not even hard to knit when the yarn is so amazing, I am so proud of it. Have you seen the new soids in the shop? The yarns are top dyed, which makes them so blimin soft, its criminal. We have started with 4 colours, and will expand that range:






  1. Hi, just wanted to wish you a a great trip.
    You do sound a bit busy!I've been reading your blog for about a year now, great to see things taking off, inspiring, as I am taking own little steps to leaving day job too.
    Especially enjoyed your comments on other's perfect lives [in blogs].Glad it's not just me then!
    Safe journey,

  2. Have a fabulous time! Don't forget a neck pillow and lavender spray and a small book and sudoku and sweets for sucking and some dried fruit and bourbon biscuits and a sarong and flip flops for the shower and not too mnay clothes and a journal and a camera and a pen for writing postcards and a day bag and a water bottle and a cuddly toy.
    Oh yeah, and remember, you can buy eveything you need there anyway so don't worry too much about packing ;)