Friday, 18 April 2008


Wow, jet lag is weird! I felt like I was drunk last night and a bit now, I couldn't even type, and then I woke up at 11.30 this afternoon, bizarre!!! Its freezing, there is no sunshine, papaya Juice for breakfast, or Mountains in the background when I look out the window. So I have been packing orders all morning, loads considering I was away, which is always nice to come home to :-). But also I need to dye lots of wool for Laughing hens, because there was a womand weekly pattern with my yarn in it, and it all sold out :-) how cool is that?

I was until just now feeling a bit miserable, probably still jetlag, but really coming back from such an amazing place, where life is so so different to here. I was actually missing it, the crazyness of Arequipa, the hot sun, people hanging out of the buses, everyone knitting because they had to, and really cheap delicious food, I think I am slightly in love with that place. Then I turned the radio right up, and danced to Estelle and Kanye's song, around the kitchen for 5 mintues, and then I felt alot better :-).

So I am going to carry on working, my goodness there is so much work to catch up on, just looked at stock, was slightly worried I would't have enough for wonderwool, but really there is a tonne of yarn here, really a tonne!!

Anyone coming to the spinning workshhop tomorrow at Getknitted?



  1. Glad the trip was a success, I enjoyed reading your posts, it's always strange when you return home from a very different place.

  2. Me! I'm coming spinning! My friends thought it was something to do with bicycles and pedalling uphill while stationary, but unless raising and lowering the arms counts as excessive exercise, I think I'm safe.

  3. Glad to have you back, and looking forward to more pictures when you have the time. I'm going spinning at I Knit London tomorrow, very easy for me to get to, just one train.

  4. WOW your posts of your trip are amazing! I have been offline for a bit so have read them all at once amazing pictures and a great read, and little wonder you miss it!
    Hope you are less drunk...I mean jetlagged soon ;) hehe

  5. Don't worry about feeling a bit down about being back. Wow and you're planning another trip - that's brilliant. I always do that at the end of a holiday because the enthusiasm is there and the need to keep travelling. The world is so big and small at the same time with so many things to see.