Friday, 11 April 2008

Just a quick one ......

Right, am a bit behind schedule with blogging.

Still having a mind blowing time, been to see the factories, the alpaca being sorted, the vicuna being sorted by hand with tweezers, the washing sorting, combing and carding, and spinning have pics of it all for a later post when I have lots of time to go through the process!!!

But yesterday we drove to the mountains to catch a glimpse of the vicuña and the Alpaca, I have lots of pics of both, but only the Alpaca for now. We found this herd and I just kind of wandered in and the alpaca's seemed completely unphased, and I got some great photo's. This trip really was stupendous.





We flew to Cusco this morning and we are going to Macu pichu tomorrow, but I will try and blog in between, because I have so much to write about.



  1. Green with envy here, can't wait for Machu Picchu, sigh!

  2. Hi Jen, your trip so far sounds amazing,
    I'm enjoying catching up with what you're up to.

  3. Arn't the Alpacas gorgeous, they look so sweet in the their natural home. I suppose they are bit wild eh?

  4. Those alpaca are so cute. I can't wait until my trip to peru next summer 2009 for the big, big birthday!

  5. What a wonderful trip it must have been. Love reading how the yarn is processed, and the pix of the animals in the Andes are so wonderful.