Monday, 28 April 2008

Wonderwool 2008

Well, it was fantastic, just amazing, I had so much fun, its just great to see people who I consider to be great freinds, there is so much playing and banter and cheekyness between stand holders it makes it a pleasure to work so hard. In terms of sales, it was pretty damned good on Saturday, even though it went between crazy and quiet, I didn't get to put the finishing touches on my stand before people came in and started buying, which is always a good sign. Yesterday was quieter, which meant I accidently got time to browse and buy a namaste knitting bag, I'll take a pic later, from knitting4fun.

I really could do with taking it easy today, my bones ache, and my muscles are so sore, but I have too much work to do, I really need to think about getting some help soon, Elly is coming for a week or hopefully longer in June and so she has offered to work.........I really cannot wait.

I will update the shop later on seeing as there is some lace left, I did rather alot, lol, and its the new scrumptious lace, and its plump, shiny and soft, with lots of deep delicious purples, so I'll get it on in a few hours. I then have to unpack the van, do an entire stocktake of everything for my taxes, tidy my decimated house, and then get ready for the rediculous chaos that ensues in the next few weeks, so I need to get organised asap, dyeing has to start tomorrow for 3 wholesale orders, lets keep our fingers crossed for the sunshine huh. I am also going to squeeze in some running everyday from now on, my stress levels kind of make my bloodpressure high and I know thats why I am getting migraines, running kind of makes me feel completely chilled, so it will be a nice way to start the day.

Onwards and upwards....


  1. Glad to hear it went so well! Am looking forward to Woolfest even more after hearing all these reports of Wonderwool from blogland. I totally agree that running is great, helps me anyway. Mind you, a cup of tea and a scone seems to help a bit too...

  2. Would you like a house guest/helper anytime between 9th and 16th May?