Sunday, 6 April 2008

First leg of the Journey.

OK, I have so much to tell already that I just don't know where to start.

Germany was a thousand times more wonderful than I expected. The show was great to see what was coming from the large companies,  I saw the new Rowan yarns, there is some self striping ones in there which were OK, the colours were nice, and I think people will like them. They are doing a range with British breeds, now I think this is good, but the yarn quality wasn't what I was expecting, because they wools were rough, I think they would only be suitable for coats or outer garments.

What I did think was good marketing was OPAL are doing a range of harry potter sock yarns, which come as a package with DVD'S, I thought this was fabulous, at least someone in the big companies is switched on, lol, and the marketing was so much fun at the show for these, I was very very impressed!

Secondly, I met the worlds fastest knitter!! She was fabulous, and so lovely, and her husband gave me a speed knitting test, I am ashamed to say that I only managed about 99 stitches in 3 minutes. AHEM, anyway, after that she taught me how to knit continental, so I need a project with tonnes of stocking stitch now to practice! Here we are :-)


Whilst I was knitting, learning and chatting, I saw Carla and Tilly, lovely to see them.

For me though the highlight was meeting Kari and Perr from Du Store Alpakka they started the Mirasol Project and what was lovely was they think like me, they care so much about everything they do, they find proper sources for everything they sell, they have a story for all of their projects, these will be translated into English soon, I absolutely  know that all you lot will love to read them, I was absolutely inspired by them, especially because their main concern is making a positive impact on the world and not making money. I must have done allot of chanting to have the great good fortune to meet these guys, you will hear allot about them in the future.

But for now, I must iron my clothes, go to borders to get some reading material for the plane and calm myself because I am feeling totally excited, oh, and silly me, I forgot to tell you about my knitting, so before I go.....guess what arrived the day I left for Germany? Um, the scrumptious lace. I had to dye it and take it with me, so I dyed up two hanks and it dried perfectly on the lampshade in my room in the Hilton in Koln, lol! I had a dream about a simple shawl pattern and so I cast on, OH, got my wooden knitpics through customs no probs by the way! Here is progress so far (scrumptious lace will be at Wonderwool by the way.....

oh and off course lets not forget my food commentary. German food is sort of, um strange. They do make the best cakes I have ever tasted, I ate cake about 6 times in two days because they were not too sweet, and always packed with lots of fruit and the pastry was crisp and short and the cake was soft and delicious, I was seriously impressed with the cakes, obviously the sausages were superb, but really I should have asked what is good to eat in Germany, I was disappointed with the meals I had, the tastes were confusing, and if I had been a vege I would have been in serious trouble. I will get advice next time so I could have given a proper analysis of what is good.

OK, well next blog will be from Peru.....

Adios Amigo's



  1. um, still so excited for you, i don't know what to say. so pleased you're blogging around the world. had a brief worry that you wouldn't be able to blog - duh! glad you're meeting like minds and lovely people.

  2. That's a serious addiction when you find you're drying your freshly dried lace over lampshades in foreign hotels ;)And what's wrong with a diet of cake and sausages. I could do that hehe!!

  3. That should read "dyed" lace, am drooling too much over cake and sausages.....

  4. oooo you sound like you are having a fabulous time...I'm not jealous..honest!
    and Scrumptious laceweight...I'm going weak at the knees, I can see some pennies being spent soon!!!
    take care
    Love n hugs
    Mel x