Thursday, 12 March 2009

All ship shape and sorted and shop update info and unicorn club info!

So, Elly asked me the other day, is Jo organising you yet? And I laughed and laughed! In  a word, yes, is the answer, and I can not tell you the relief that makes me feel, although I can be quite obsessive, I am not naturally organised, so it takes huge amounts of my energy to run a business doing all the things which have to be organised, which is actually about 60% of running a business this size.

The dyeing actually pales into insignificance alot of the time, which makes me sad because its what I LOVE to do best, and design and come up with new ideas, lol. Also lots of you guys in my clubs know that you kind of get them roughly around the right time, but accasionally it all goes 'tits up' and they are late, I hate this, I would love to set a date and then aim for that. In dyeing terms its easy, not in packing, labelling and sorting terms it isn't though, so when Jo aggreed to take over all the club stuff and organise it, data base it, I had to contain my excitment, because it means:

1. you get your clubs on time,

2. I can have a life starting saturday, I am having the day off to do cleaning and then SEWING, god, I am so exited, I am going to make a dress for my birthday  yiiiiiipppppeeeee!!!!

Now also I have to tell you that lots of customers have been asking for  a new arrivals section on the shop and well, I figured out a way of doing it, so I shall change that every week, all the things that are updated that week will go in there, and then come out the following week etc etc. There will be a category on the front page for it.

Secondly the unicorn club starts tomorrow. You will be emialed information about it, but there are a couple of opportunities to buy the yarn, one at 9.30 and then at 4.30, if you are not in the ravelry group, please join, its easier for us to coordinate everything and make sure everyone gets all the information, email me if you are not sure what you are meant to do or if you want to join.

Right head down and dyeing to do, yay!!



  1. So life is a lot of fun for you now! That's great. I could do with someone to keep me organised......

  2. Actually I am not sure what to do for the Unicorn thingy, Rav eh?? Ok I'll take a peek.