Friday, 13 March 2009

Madness I tell you!!

Hehe, its mad today, but in a super duper way, right if you are part of the unicorn club, we already had the first update of yarn at 9.30 this morning, its all gone, so the next one is at 4.30pm, its in the new arrivals section and also has its own category in the yarn section.

Secondly there is a new arrivals page finally!! And I am still updating as usual, I did start at 6.30 this morning lol, so I hope it will all go on by about 4ish..... fingers crossed, lol.

I think my absolute favourite this week is this, I have never ever done such a wonderful colour, its gorgeous.

Happy shopping, oh and just a few photos. lol



  1. I just bought my very first Sparkle sock yarn, I am SOOOOOOO looking forward to knitting it up, can't wait. Hey Many Happy Birthday wishes hope you have lots of fun. Here is a little birthday poem,
    You probably wanted a Mercedes
    a Roller's not half bad
    I don't have much money
    So I made you this card
    I just made that up, I hope you like your card, I made it meself. Hope you have lots of fun and pressies, are you off to rub-a-dub?? After you come back from you booz-up I hope you don't dye up some yarn cos the colours might be rather strange ha, ha.

  2. Thanks for my yarns, they're beautiful.