Wednesday, 18 March 2009

My birthday in the big smoke

So it was my birthday on Monday, and I took a little trip to London for some fun :-) I did lots of shopping, ate a tonne of cakes, and generally had a super duper time, I really enjoyed getting away for a few days :-).

Actually I did manage some sewing on Sat afternoon after a mamouth clean, but it took ages to dust off my machines and set them up, but I have started and the table is laid out in the lounge, so I hope to finish the dress this week. Of course because I started sewing, I decided to look for fabric in London in soho, I saw some nice fabrics in soho and Liberties, but nothing that really blew my mind, anyone got any good links to online fabric stores??? I really want to make my own dresses now, lol.

So to go with my new look I decided I needed amazing boots, and of course I managed to find some on London amazingly in the Doc Martin shop:


These have to be my fav boots I ever bought!!!!

Although I didn't find much fabric I liked, I did find a huge basket of shoe lasts, and well, I HAD to get some for making felted slippers, I couldn't resist, now, I just have to figure out how to make them, lol



These are I think; my find of the year, totally love them, and the pointy ones WILL become some kind of jester slipper...........


  1. Yay, it sounds like you had a really good birthday. The shoe lasts look fun, a most unusual holiday souvenir ;>)

  2. Wonderful wonderful boots!!!:)

  3. The Diva Dee boots!!!!! I love them!!! SO YOU!! XD

  4. Next time you come to Bristol, I'll have to take you to Fabricland and maybe some of the shops in Easton. eBay's worth a look for dress fabrics, too. Love the boots and the lasts - much prettier than wellies for felted slippers.

  5. Nice boots!
    I like and Oh and xx