Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Spring is springing at K1 THIS WEEKEND.

Ok, that is a rubbish title, lol,  kind of, unless I can wind some sort of new beginnings theme into this. Anyway, I am just drinking tea and thinking of today's long marathon stretch of work. I have come to the conclusion that I need to employ some help, I am giving in to being proud control freak and  just have to admit it that I need someone a few mornings a week or a couple of afternoons a week, preferably someone who loves wool, lol. So I shall advertise, and see if anyone would like to come and work for me on a casual basis, I can't do it all any more, even working 7 days a week aint cutting the mustard, lol, and actually I am behind with lots of things so I need to do it Asap, I suppose really thats a really exciting thing isn't it, lol!!!!

So whats occuring this weekend?? Well I am going up to Scotland to spend the day with K1 yarns in Edinburgh on Saturday for a little fyberspates roadshow, am really looking forward to it, I will be bringing lots of treats, so if you are coming, let me know, and if you want me to bring something in particular, let me know too. :-)

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  1. Hi Jen
    Really excited to meet you at K1 on Saturday - my beautiful purple scrumptious hunky Vivian jacket is all done (minus its zip) so I'll be needing more yarn!!