Friday, 20 March 2009

Good old fridays

So, well, the update is kind of well on its way, alot of its on there, there isn't loads today, but its a nice update, I have some self striping to steam, some bags to put on, and some scrumptious 4 ply to unravel; that stuff is lovely, but when its kettle dyed it kind of looses the plot.

I kind of went mad with black this week, not a colour I am used to using to much, but I couldn't help it, along with blues and greens, Anyone know what those colours mean if you are drawn to them????? Some weeks I am good at producing a good range, and sometimes I get stuck on certain colours, lol, oh well, I like them, I might knit one up on the sock machine, especially this one:


There should be in theory a blue row every few rows, I think it should look cool!, Anyway, we'll see.

I decided it was time to knit the vegetarian some socks, seeing as he helps me out so much, so I have cast on some lovely yarn I got for my birthday from my gorgeous freind Karen.

    When I was in London, I got a bit knackered in the afternoons, and just felt like sleeping, thats not really like me at all, as you can guess I am always a little hyper, which suits me well, then earlier, I just was so tired I thought, just a little nap, so I had one, and then I woke up and I was a bit perplexed about the tiredness, and also my circulation is dreadful at the mo, my blood just sinks to my feet, which is bizarre, and I had a migraine yesterday. Then, I realised that actually it might be eating only vege food that might be doing it. I do get aneamic really really quickly if I am not careful, and I normally compensate by eating meat a few times a week, but here living with a vegetarian I don't eat any, then I kind of ran through a mental list and realised that although I do eat green veg, its not much, I don't eat that much food at all with iron in, so I am off to the post office, and I shall be having a rare steak for dinner tonight, probably with stir fried greens, and dried apricots for pudd, lol.

 Oh by the way, the olive oil skin cleansing thing, its the best thing I ever did, my skin is consistently much much better, hardly any spots at all, and it looks alot healthier, and its so blimin cheap........

Have a lush weekend, I will be cleaning sewing and knitting to my hearts content, and eating lots of meat of course....


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  1. Do tell more abouit the olive oil sounds good:-)