Saturday, 28 February 2009

Gentle relaxing shop update

OK, so its sat, and I have the tv on, strangely somehow its got football on it, hmm, will have to change that later, lol. But the shop update is happening slowly and cheerfully :-)

I am changing the product photo's for the yarn, I have to do two pics anyway, so we still have have the nice side ways on photo, but now when you click on the yarn the photo will show the batch, that also gives you an indication that there are larger quantities available too.

So here are a couple of my fav's, this British merino dyes so well it is just gorgeous, I will have stacks of this for ravelry day, although I am struggling to ration it until then because its such a joy to dye.


This is normal bfl, hand wash, and I totall love this colour, this is very nearly a solid, it wasn't meant to be, but its just delicious. And also its really good value at 6.50 per 100gms.


Right better get back to it.



  1. Hi - this yarn looks so lovely.. is it superwash? I've been looking for it in the shop, but I couldnt find it..

  2. Pretty yarn !
    Love the new hair colour. ;0)
    The other Emma. !