Wednesday, 4 February 2009


So, I was mooching around today, procrastinating because I have to dye wholesale orders, the last order of the old way of doing wholesale, no more will I ever have to dye specific colours ever again, thank goodness, I am moving onto a new system, which maintains my creativity and sanity, ANYWAY, this is not the point of this blog post.

I bit the bullet and started my production line, and then got a phone call to say that the new yarns I ordered were here, I have to confess, I had forgotten what the new yarns were because I ordered them in December before I moved house. But I remembered there was a 4ply scrumptious yarn in there, I have been cursing myself, because I thought I probably didn't order superwash merino in that blend, oh how stupid of me. However, seems like I was alive and aware at some point before I moved, because the yarn is only bloody superwash, I screamed down the phone, poor supplier, lol.

So we will have a new sock yarn this week on Fridays update, with 45% silk and 55% superwash merino, in a 4ply. And its officially the scrumptious sock, I have to wait about another 3 hours for it, but really I can't wait, hehehehe, can you?

And of course when I said a 'few' yarns I meant another one too, nef lace in, well.....a heavier guage, I am desperate to get this too, lol, maybe I might even knit some lace.......

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