Monday, 9 February 2009

Busy busy busy.

Had a lush weekend, I actually went shopping on Saturday to the Trafford center, seeing as I decided I need to get out a bit more. I found a shop which blew my mind, because they had lots and lots of thin knitwear, and loads of it was in the sale, so I purchased two rather tight charcoal knitted short dresses, which are really fabulous, a charcoal cardi to go on top, and a really really thick chunky jumper, they look so so amazing!!! Just need somewhere to wear them now, lol.

That's it really, nothing else exciting, I am working so hard at the moment, that my blog posts are a bit boring, sorry about that, but I have a plan for the business to get it really ship shape from now until June, so I just have to get my head down and work like a crazy woman, I've not really been in the head space before now to make it exactly how I want it, and I know I sometimes have the reputation of being slightly disorganised and kooky, but actually I am not really like that at all, I can extremely obsessive and organised, its just I had other things draining my energy before, and now that life has changed dramatically, I am getting into obsessive mode and really enjoying myself. Anyone who knows me will know that a good sign of that change, is that I spent 1.5 hours yesterday cleaning the kitchen floors and the utility room, very unlike me in the past few years I can tell you, lol. The last time I felt this focused was when I got an A in psychology at A level, hahaha.

Right off to sort out all my dyeing schedules including the clubs........



  1. SCHEDULES?! CLEANING?! Damn, I wish I could see this!

  2. oooh 4ply scrumptious. makes me wish for better weather. I keep looking at anything made of wool and wanting to buy it as it seems like the only fabric worth wearing.
    i'm off to rome on wednesday which i'm very excited about! but i'm thinking i would like to come and visit your new pad soon - you can book me into your schedule if there is anything useful i can do. I'm very good at dribbling over yarn. would i have to drive?

  3. Wow! This sounds quite inspirational. I seem to be stalling at exactly the time I need to forging ahead. Any tips?!
    And will your dying schedule include anymore Scrumptious 4 ply in the colourway Tigerstripes? I click on it and it says it is all gone...