Thursday, 5 February 2009

Pretty Pictures

Ok, there is distinct snowness today, but still not quite enough to make a snowman, but enough to give me an excuse to do a small amount of spinning, it had to be done really didn't it!

This is some gorgeous fibre dyed for me by babylonglegs   it is bfl/silk and is in just the most wonderful colours, very different to mine, lol.


Then this arrived last night:


This is the new scrumptious 4ply/sock, its 45% Silk and 55% superwash merino, its so gorgeous, I can not wait to dye it, I am not too sure yet how it is going to work for socks, because the silk content is very high, but I have high hopes for it, it feels so so gorgeous, I am dyeing this today, only have a kilo to play with, but it'll all be in the shop tomorrow, along with 2 new heavy lace weights, a heavy lace nef, and silk merino, they are both stunning too.

Then to finish is my first sparkle sock in lime and violet, it was so quick to knit, and I used 3mm needles, and 56 stitches, fits like a treat........just need to cast on for the second...



  1. Ooh...that fibre looks good :D
    That sock yarn is so shiny!!!! Have fun playing with it.....I shall be looking for pictures ;)
    S xXx

  2. That yarn looks amazing! The sheen! So pretty. Can't wait to see it dyed up.