Friday, 6 February 2009

I love fridays!!

Now I am more of an organised sort of person, lol, well trying, I totally love friday update days, I work quite hard to find nice things for the shop and to dye lovely treats, and I love your responses to them, it makes it all worth while.

So today is a mamouth update, it will definately take all day, and as I add new things I will pop more pics on here....

There is the 4ply scrumptious, or should I say was the 4 ply scrumptious, its sort of dissapearing out of stock in front of my eyes, its beautiful yarn, but I am not sure about if its ok for socks, its very drapey, not too sure if its gott enough spring, but I will find out tonight when I cast on for one, lol, it will however make a dreamy 4ply jumper or scarf, its just stunning, smooth, silky and soft, yum yum:


Then there is sparkle of course to go on, merino tencel, the new heavy lace weights, the heavy weight nef, need to give it a name, which is 800m per 100gms, and its delicious, and heavy weight silk merino 20% silk and 80% merino, again, delicious, and 800m per 100gms. Pics coming up for that in an hour or so.....

Also, I have some super duper stitch markers, some made for lovely big needles, with swartski crystals., and normal sized ones, they are so dinky and pretty, also we have some pretty bags for you sock knitting (these will go in the section with the buttons and treats).

Spindles, lol,


and Lucets for making chord, which come with instructions!!! Yipppppeee


oK, I got to go take more photo's and get some coffee and cake for this update ;-), lol

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