Thursday, 19 February 2009

So many things - treats, British merino and scrumptious.

Ok so firstly, update on the olive oil cleansing thing??? Totally amazing, currently have spot free skin, and its lovely and soft, and all the redness has gone, I am going to see what happens, cause sometimes my skin just responds well to a change, but my goodness, I don't think it has been this good since I had a holiday, if it stays this way, I shall give up all expensive products forever, currently this will save me approximately 600 quid a year in facial products and facials, imagine all the yarn I could buy with that huh???, yeah cause I need yarn, and I don't already have enough!!!

Now update is starting today, because tomorrow I am off because I am doing a dyeing workshop at Getknitted on Saturday, so its unlikely I can squidge everything in on a Friday, I have   lots of everything including all the fibres I never managed to get on there from last week, and also, there is the last kilo of sparkle sock, have to wait for next shipment after that, and lots of scrumptious 4ply, not really sure if I really have talked much about this yarn, but am now getting to grips with it, I am totally hooked on it, it takes the dye like a dream, its so damn soft and shiny, and ITS MACHINE WASHABLE, I have dyed up some nice big quantities, in semi solids, because it will work superbly for babies clothes, and delicious knitted garments, not tried it for socks yet, but I will do later, I may get it spun differently for a special sock yarn, but we'll see about that for later in the year. I wish I could photo graph the gorgeous colours I have here, the photo's don't do it justice...


And, this has to tell you how actually more organised I am, I have knitted a swatch of it within 1 week of getting the stuff, this was knitted on 3.5mm needles, and I am loving the fabric, once I have done enough then I shall go down a size and see about the texture for socks, but this would make a super yarn for summer garments because its feels so light and soft (ignore my dreadful knitting, I had aching joints yesterday, god knows why, I think I have been typing too much, and it made my knitting not flow very well, lol).

Mini swatch 

So next,  I also got more special yarn, this is stuff I have been requesting for over a year now; someone happened to purchase the finest bale of British merino at auction last year, or might now have been the year before, and see, this is how long it takes to get things made in this damned county!!!!! If I wanted all my products from THE UK I would be 3 years behind, anyway, so the yarn I requested has FINALLY arrived; Superwash aran, merino, and SOCK, the whole lot has been sold already, but the sock was made for me, so I have the whole lot of that, but its only 100 kilos, so it ain't gonna last very long, but its STUNNING, its really really energetic yarn, and so soft and blimin plump as anything, you guys are gonna love it.

I also managed to get some of the dk and Aran, but I have only about 20 kilos of each, but the dk again is so plump and soft, not like anything I have dyed before, its gorgeous, and just sucks up the dye. Again the pics don't do it justice this week will be only 200gms of each colour, because I am testing the yarn, I can't use normal dyeing techniques on this because it drinks the dye and so I need more complex methods, but after this week it will be available in Jumper quantities, but I made a decision not to sell it wholesale, this means it will be more competetive from my shop because I won't have to work in wholesale prices, the irony is I keep hearing people say, oooh, you hand dyers, your yarn is so expensive compared to debbie bliss and rowan, well actually people if actually took the time to compare the prices they are not, and I do sell solid standard yarns, not just hand dyed, which are WAY cheaper, again because  don't wholesale them, just because generally they are sold in 100gm hanks it means it seems more, but most of my yarns are the same or cheaper than most of the big brands, especially the scrumptious, this is megga competitive compared to debbie bliss and rowan equivalents, and its alot nicer grrrrrrrrrr.


So here is a little pic of the superwash dk.....


This yarn looks so much richer and darker in real life, dark blues, purples, and chocolates, totally gorgeous, I really really want to keep this, lol

So thats enough of the new yarns, lol, I am getting excited and I need to update the shop and pop some pots on.


  1. I love the way your enthusiasmm and personality comes across in your blogging!
    I sympathise with the battle of the alter egos. At the moment I'm moving away from the eco version (lived on the community for a while and it didn't suit) but I hope to find a balance one day. I've been using oily cleansers for a while but then I have very dry skin.
    Your scrumptious is a very good price. i must remember to knit it. Just finished some dreamy socks.

  2. Hi, I thought we'd see you at 'Unravel' on Saturday? - saw that you were on the list of exhibitors. Is someone else bringing your stuff or is it a typo?

  3. Ur right its lovely thick yarn, I'd love some of the sparkly Jester sock in this if you have some. One day perhaps.