Thursday, 12 February 2009

Unexpected thursday....

So, last night was fab!! I really enjoyed myself and got over my nerves quite quickly, I suspect I should have worn something more colourful than my charcoal dress, lol, I spose I don't always look like a dyer sometimes, only clue is my green fingers. I think people enjoyed it, and thankfully there were plenty of questions, and I talked a bit about ethics with out the possibility of getting into trouble, so it was very refreshing, and everyone was so sweet and attentive, also, I loved the fact that some people were knitting as they were listening, truly super duper, and of course the lovely ladies loved the fibres, lol!!! I think it is something I would love to do again, now having got over my fear. I talked lots about my trips to bradford, to the mills, to peru and so on, and just really had lots of fun :)

Then I had to drive back to Shropshire afterwards, I knew I had something special to do today, as well as dye yarn for tomorrow, but I forgot what it was. Then at 9.50, I remembered my little bro was coming to see me today, so I did a quick clean up, and he arrived and we drank tea, ate biscuits and large rounds of bacon sandwiches, and more tea, and then I did some dyeing while he sat and chatted to me, and we talked about life and futures and love and everything, aw, he's such a sweetie, I love it when he comes to see me.

So I now have to do lots more dyeing because I accidently did a huge amount in bog monster and juicy because I was havign so much fun chatting, lol, but need to do some sock in other colours, lol, I did lots of lace on tuesday, organised for me or what?????

Ok, better get dyeing,


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