Tuesday, 3 February 2009

was just about to.....

Well, I was just about to tell you all about the gorgeous new things arriving in the shop this week, hand turned spindles, and special cord making things, and stunning stitch markers, and then boxes and boxes of yarn arrived, the last of the space dyed to be precise, I thought there was a few kilos, turns out there is over a hundred kilos, my head hurts, lol, how did I miss that much!!!!

 The majority of it is the 4ply and 2ply sock yarn, its makes the most superb thick socks (the yarn is not machine washable though, which is why it is discontinued), it is however 100% bluefaced leicester, and there are patterns to go with each colour I shall mark the patterns to 1 pound, or you can have 6 hanks, (100gms) of each colour with one each of the patterns to go with it for 25 pounds worth of sock yarn, patterns emial only though for this deal,  I will put this as a single product.

Everything is going in the sale section, NOT the sock page ok :-).

There are 2 types, the 2ply is highly twisted so absolutely fine for socks, this comes in 50gm hanks and is 2.25 a hank,

Pinks and purples mini

Spring greens mini

Moss mini


and then there is the 4 ply which comes in 100gm hanks is 4.50 a hank.

Reds and plums mini

Fiesta mini

Both yarns are suitable for all the thick sock patterns, like these:

Blue lagoon socks  
Reds and plums space dyd sock


  1. My, what lovely sock patterns!

  2. I think I might have to stop reading you blog, too dangerous for my wallet ;O) (Just check your orders, lol)
    btw, when you say this yarn isn't machine washable, does that mean it felts well?? Might have to order some more if it does.

  3. I would like your to know i finished the berry socks last week just blocking them. I have to say they look really nice, I will send a photo of them, I really enjoyed knitting them, thanks.