Monday, 16 February 2009

Feeling blimin chirpy

I am blimin great mood today, I know everyone tells me off for working over the weekends, but really, its so super duper to get to Monday and actually not be behind, so today I actually had time to sort some secret marketing things out which I needed to do with some magazines for something really exciting at the end of the year, and also I need to finish updating the shop with fibres, I have quite alot of nef, which people have been waiting for. I reckon my shop only contains about 40% of my stock, lol, I could spend weeks updating and still not get it all on there, so in addition to my Friday updates, I am going to update a small amount of standard products everyday, and then keep the fun ones to Friday, lol.

So I have so much news to tell you, but I need to firm up some things first, and also to tell you bits at a time, lol.

So some of you know about the UK ravelry day in June, I will post about it soon, but suffice to say, its there especially to support British business and yarn, and there was some cuffufle about being able to source British yarn, but luckily, because its very high on my agenda, and I have trying very hard to get some for about a year now, its only blimin here!!! Talk about timing, so I have gorgeous British tops, high twist British merino dream  sock, and aran and dk, I am so so excited, oh and not forgetting the self striping which is also  a British yarn, so really I have lots of stock for  the show :-)

But in the mean time, I am visiting k1 yarns in Scotland in March, I shall post all the details about that tomorrow!!

Ok folks, better go and carry one.



  1. Yay! It sounds like you're feeling better today :>) British is good!

  2. Excited to hear you're coming to Edinburgh in March. I spent a glorious weekend working on my purple scrumptious chunky Vivian, and I'm nearly there. Hopefully by March I'll have figured out how to put the zip in and be able to show you a beautiful finished object!!!