Friday, 27 February 2009

Update - delayed till sat

Ok, my camera is not working, it took the first 5 pics, and then now the screen is black, it has a new battery, but it seems like the shutter isn't closing properly. As luck would have it, Mr wool took the back up camera to work, which means I can't update the shop. So instead of crying, I am going to just dye some more wool and update tomorrow instead, so we will have a HUMONGOUS update, lol.

I am really sorry :-/



  1. I love the new picture of you! Gorgeous :>)

  2. Happy Knitterly Birthday for Monday, I hope you don't get too drunk. I con't wait for the Update. Any chance of a place for me on the Unicorn thingy??? I would love to join up. 30+ soon hope you like your surprise it will be with you soon.