Monday, 2 February 2009

Cardiff and food, and yarn and fun.

Visiting Cardiff was a bit weird. It was lovely to seem my friends and my lodgers, and of course my house, which oddly doesn't feel like my house any more, but as I drove into Cardiff, my heart felt heavy, heavy with feelings of Anth and stuff, and I felt extremely glad to not be there any more.  It looked so grey too, guess that's the contrast of living in the country side, where everything is so beautiful and bright.

Anyway I had a super dinner with Stitch and bitch in the Canteen on Clifton, my fav restaurant of all time, (I shall review it on the food blog later, I have pics too ;) )

And the lodgers have kittens, omg, they are so so cute:


I did loads of knitting, I accidentally cast on a sock in sparkle, in lime, violet and pink colourway from a few weeks back that I nicked, lol, I am on the heel, so I shall photograph it for tomorrow, it looks absolutely amazing.

Also Karen and I had a wonderful breakfast on Friday which spanned a few hours, with lots of chatting, eating and laughing, it was super duper, and she has made a few treats for the shop, which shall be going on in the next few days, he he, but I shan't say any more than that for now.

Then I went to mom and pops and we had a super time, they just make me laugh so much, they are a scream, its such a pleasure to go home to people who are as enthusiastic about everything as me, lol,  and I found a gorgeous green jumper in my mums wardrobe, which my Auntie Pat happened to knit, and I sort of snaffled it, its so damned toasty and gorgeous, I haven't take it off yet, I scoured the shops on sat for a toasty jumper, and there was nothing, you can't beat hand knitted gorgeousness.

So I rushed home because I thought I was going to get snowed in, there is a light dusting, but its due for this afternoon here, I am so so desperate for enough snow to build a snowman, I have everything all ready for it, hat, gloves and carrot, etc, so I am hoping there will be enough tonight or tomorrow for one...........

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