Thursday, 29 January 2009

Tax return done, and loads of dyeing too, and update today instead of tomorrw.

ok, so Tax return took approximately 1hr 40 minutes, yay, record time!!! There was only one arguement, and that was because one of my vat returns wasn't printed out. They are great things to do because they allow you to see where you are, and well, it made some interesting reading, lol, but its all good, lets just put it this way, I spend way to much on advertising, Ahem.

I dyed my heart out yesterday, ready for today's update (its today, because I am going to Cardiff this afternoon to stay with friends, and go to our stitch and bitch Christmas party and other treats).  And so I shall start updating in a few minutes, there is already some on there, that I managed to get on yesterday, some nice sock yarns, lace, and sparkle, and loads of cashmere lace weight, which I am very pleased with, its so soft and light, I am even thinking of knitting some, not like me at all, lol.

Right, gotta go and take photos.

A snippet of sparkle sock for this week I am love with them all, lol, By the way, I have had to put the price up to 16 poounds a hank because the exchange rate on the last shipment is killing me, its gone up 30% and really I should put it up higher but I am not going to.


Have a lovely weekend