Thursday, 15 January 2009

Tomorrows shop update

Ok, well tomorrow's shop update is going to be super duper, I have LOTS of fibres, I literally mean kilos and kilos, and there are new blends too, Alpaca silk, Baby Alpaca , merino Bamboo, its so soft, if you like nef then you will LOVE this.

Also there is more sparkle sock, dream sock, self striping sock, lol, scrumptious dk, spindles etc etc, quite a big one, I may even start updating tonight because its going to take ages, lol.

And....if you want the chance to get a limited shop discount, come and solve some clues on the Unicorn group.......

PS  this weeks colour themes (as you know I get colour obsessed, are reds, blacks, pinks and purples, lol

Pps - All clubs yarns are on their way......


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