Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Ordering in the Shop and the unicorn club

OK cherubs, it might be worth me just highlighting how to order in the shop, lots of people are clicking email orders which they didn't intend to, so I though I would just explain the payment things for everyone to make it clearer.

There are 3 ways to pay in the shop,

1. You can either paypal your order in which case you need to to select the paypal button at the bottom of the payment page, or,

2. You can pay with you card securely, in which case you select the secure trading payment button to the left of the paypal button, or

3. If you would like to pay by cheque, or for some other reason you would like to email your order through if you have a question or something before you pay, then and only then select the email order button.

I am working on getting some text put in that page to help people direct them to the right choice, but as always it will take a little time, also the credit card link is being fixed at the moment, have no idea why it isn't working, but its not taking cards, so in the mean time its via paypal, or I can ring you and take credit card detials over the phone. ARGH!!!!!

So, the Unicorn club is coming along nicely, and I thought I would just explain a little more about it, seeing as Amanda and I are working on it, we have designed the labels, and having those printed, and we are having a custom yarn made especially for us, with our own blend of fibres etc, which is a secret, but boy its gorgeous. The club will be quite involved, and although you have to sign up for it, you don't have to pay upfront for it, because you can choose to buy each month from either me or Amanda.

Each months club yarn will have a clue or set of clues with it, these will be quite hard clues, however, there will be forums for people to help eachother get the answers to the questions, and also be a place where we can perhaps give some clues if people are stumped, lol, it will be alot of fun, and even may take a little research.

At the end of the 9 months, when you have all 9 answers, in order to enter a draw for the prize, you have to have completed all the clues.

If you do this you will be entered into a draw, where you can win a kilo of the special yarn, and also there will be other treats too, so not jsut one prize. It will be super duper fun!!

This yarn will  not be available anywhere else, and is totally unique and very luxurious.

Wow, I am so excited, lol!!!!



  1. Count me in Mrs, can't wait to get going.

  2. sounds fascinating:)
    I had trouble with ordering so thanks for the how to:)