Sunday, 4 January 2009

New Years Sale

ok, sorry firstly for not getting one here yesterday to say sale was slightly delayed till today, I was knackered, and for some reason, typepad is not liking my having two blogs, and its making it a nightmare to log on. So I am just about to start that sale, things will go on about 3.30, and I'll just carry on until all the odds and sods have gone, there is some batches of things enough to make jumpers etc, but there will be lots of bargains, so enjoy yourselves.

I have lots of holiday photo's to show you, new years spin-ins, and spinning stuff, all fabulous stuff, so I will save that for tomorrow.

By the way, the link for the sale is in the yarn page

There is a fancy way of doing the sale, but not quite figured it out yet....

Happy shopping


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