Sunday, 25 January 2009

I went running!!!!

I am high as a kite today, I went running this morning, fed up with squeezing into my jeans, and seeing as I don't go anywhere at the mo, I am seriously short on excercise, so I ran, I guess about a mile and a half and it took 17 minutes, I did have to flop on the sofa when I got back for about 20 mins just to be able to breathe again, but I feel absolutely high with endorphines, I am going to try and go every day, but will start with alternate days to make sure I don't do any damage to anything, lol.

I haven't felt this clear headed for so so long, its the best natural high in the world, I just need to find a yoga class near by now, or maybe a dvd, anyone recommend one? I would be at beginners stage.......


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  1. They're not dvds, but I can recommend some online sources? publishes a class per day - you should be able to have a rummage for recent ones by skill level.
    And I really like - it's a free weekly podcast with pretty big archives. Well worth a look, IMO :)