Wednesday, 28 January 2009

loosing my mind?

Hey, I sometimes use that as a title when I am stressed, and well, I'm not too stressed at the moment, but apparently I am loosing my mind.

Before Christmas I sent my brother 2 books, 'feel the fear and do it anyway', and 'The alchemist', (my favourite book of all time, its the best feel good book in the world) I ordered them from amazon and had them delivered here, and then sent them to him in his new address.

We talked all over Christmas about them, and he quoted exerpts from them etc, and I was so glad I got them for him. This morning, I received a package recorded delivery, the two books I sent him were there, unopened, they never made it. I was completely confused, and was a bit miffed because I thought he was telling me porkies, so I gave him a ring and asked him how he was getting on with the two books, and he said, he had finished them, and that if I wanted to borrow them, I was welcome, at which point I was like, 'YOU BLOODY LIAR' you never even got the books, and he laughed and said, yes I did Jen, I got them when you said you sent them. And I told him the story of the return books, and he said, "Jen, you sent them" and must have sent them twice.

Thing is, I only ordered the books once, and they came to this address because at the time, I never had his address to hand, strangely the books went from amazon to him.

I checked my amazon account and its only got one transaction,

Rich even sent me a photo of them.

I feel like I am a crazy woman or something, I can only assume there must have been a glitch in the matrix that day........

I was absolutely desperate for him to have the books, but you know, its not like I can order books from amazon Psychically or anything.



  1. That is hilarious! At least you can 'evangelise' with them to somebody else :D