Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New Scrumptious patterns

So I said I might preview the new patterns for Scrumptious and after some thought, they are all now available from the shop and I shall preview them here for you yay!

Lots of you have felt scrumptious and it lives up to its name, its deliciously soft, luxurious and wears well. And although we have some patterns for small items, every good yarn range needs some garments, and so this is our first collection of Garments for scrumptious, and I a so excited to show them to you. They are available now from the shop and from my retailers.

The first 4 fabulous designs are by Katherine from K1 YARNS, and she is also the model, and I fab one at that :-) and the green one is a joint effort between me and Elly, but mostly Elly, lol.

So lets start with Saturday....that's a nice place to start don't you think?

This is a gorgeous little sweater pattern perfect for dk Scrumptious, this one is knitted in Fiesta dk, I am so making this in hand dyed!!!:

Scrumptious saturday large

Next up we have Sunday, its like a jumper dress, its knitted in dk Blue lagoon, my fav of the space dyed colours....

Website pic 

Thirdly, we have This gorgeous little cardi, which is called the honeymoon cardigan, and its knitted in Solid deep purple

Scrumptious cardi

Damn, I can even imagine this with some little mother of pearl buttons from the shop, I think this could be the next project, lol.....

Next we have the cabled Kimono Jacket, which I love, because its so so soft and made in the Royal Blue scrumptious...

Cable kimono jacket 1

Finally its the Fisherman's rib jumper, which is based on one of my fav jumpers in the world, this one is knitted from Chunky solid scrumptious in Olive, it gives a superb fabric which feels so luxurious, I would love to make one in Cherry....lol

Scrumptious green jumpet

So there you have it, the new scrumptious winter pattern collection, and I can't wait to start knitting some of them for ME,

what do you think?........

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  1. Well done on a fab Collection. I have me eye on a couple of the designs but I'm afraid they are not in my size cos I'm huge with a wobbly butt to match as well.